Loren Paul Decker has spent a lifetime in the ministry… He grew up as a ‘preacher’s kid,’ and eventually found his way into Christian broadcasting. He produced and co-hosted a nationally syndicated radio program with Dr. John DeBrine for two decades, before taking a full time pastorate in Middleboro, MA.

Today he is senior pastor at LifeHouse Church in Middleboro. Loren is happily married to his wife, Amanda. He has 8 children that make his home a place of chaotic joy… they are; Ash, Brett, Evangeline, Lane, Mercedes, Prudence, True and Rory.

About Soul Chaser…

…I’ve been around for awhile now and one thing is sure - I haven’t got God figured out. I’m okay with that though because no one else has either. Oh, you can go to a Christian bookstore and find any number of books that promise their “how to” formulas will produce quick results while answering your toughest questions. But, as I look around - I see a growing secularization of society - so if we have the answers that mankind needs - we aren’t letting on.

Here’s what I think. The closer you get to God, the less you understand Him. My dear old friend Milton Friesen used to say - “When I was young I had all the answers. Now I am old and have nothing but questions.” We must approach God with a sense of wonder… and that is what my new book, Soul Chaser is all about. It is about 400 pages of devotionals that raise more questions than answers given, and it will leave you in awe as you face the truth - that God is bigger than our questions and He is under no obligation to jump through our religious hoops trying to reduce him to a packaged 90 minutes on Sunday morning.

There are stories in this book that will make you cry - and you may wonder just why you are crying. I believe that those tears represent an encounter with a dear friend whom your soul misses. Perhaps you have tried the formulas and logic steps to try to deepen your relationship with God - and you have come up short. Well, Soul chaser invites you to approach Heaven at a soul level - with a sense of wonder that will leave you standing in amazement - for you come to realize, that the Soul Chaser is after you. And He is about to capture you.