Mr. Undo

Blog… from the word “weblog.” As I type the word weblog, my auto-correct underscores the word in red to tell me that the system does not recognize the word. I talk to my computer screen to say that its the original word – it predates ‘blog...’ Blog is derived from weblog (red line again.) Now, to “log” means to record, usually chronologically, an entry – to utilize the system. So a blog is a log on the web. A weblog! But my computer has forgotten its roots. Its no big deal I suppose. My first computer (Tandy 486) did not recognize Jesus. Whenever I typed His name - the system would beep. There were many beeps, me being a pastor and all. I don’t believe that old Tandy had much of a future – not knowing Jesus and all. It probably lies in a dump somewhere, useless. You’ve gotta have Jesus, friends.


Now I have hit the wrong key. Instead of shift – I hit control (or ctrl) and my weblog disappeared. Gone! Fortunately, I recall that my computer has a feature called the undo option. When you make a mistake, you just click on ‘edit’ and then ‘undo’… and it does! It undoes… Wouldn’t it be great if we all came equipped with an undo button? You blow it – trying so hard to capitalize – but instead things go out of control… and you end up with nothing, Blank-o. Undo is always there, faithfully making our mistakes disappear.


Sometimes stuff just happens… we get into a mess, not of our own making. However it is a mess, nonetheless. Amanda wanted my help for a minute or two just now, and after a few “Just a minute, Dears,” I obliged. But, when I returned to my laptop – there sat True, typing away.


“CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHUJIOPLMNV&&&” was how he worded it. After separating boy from blog, I went straight to Old Faithful – Mr. Undo. He can even correct a mess we inherited. What authority! What power!


Life should come with an Undo application… taking care of all our errors. In fact, it does give us that option. You’ve gotta have Jesus, friends. Weblog - out