Conflict. Its not an easy road. Whether from without or from within, conflict sends us reeling – looking for a place of peace. There in that place, we can breathe deeply and sort out some of our feelings. If we truly think about it, conflict normally hits us on that “feeling level.” It ‘s not as though our core beliefs get rocked everyday. Those remain pretty solid. Core values form the foundation we build our lives upon. Solid they must be. But feelings… no, those are a different story. They can be all over the place. And, its very possible to have more than one place where your feelings reside…call it “having mixed emotions.” Today I knew real conflict. Conflict within.


My oldest daughter, Evangeline got on an airplane this afternoon to make the move to Florida. Palm Coast… where my dear friend Jeff Barksdale pastors LifeCoast Church. Evangeline is going to work for Jeff and his team as an intern at LifeCoast . I am thrilled for her opportunity and I am proud as can be, but I am also sad and missing her. Twenty-one years went by too quickly. So my feelings fill up an inner room that I have in my heart called ‘dad,’ and those feel pretty sad. But I have another room within that is happy and grateful. I could never has asked for more in a daughter, and I am excited for her future and the opportunity before her.


I guess you could say my heart is in two places. Never has that been more true than now, as a beautiful young lady named Evangeline steps from the plane and begins her new life in Florida. Dad remains here, but I have found my place of peace – far beneath emotion. I imagine these tears wiped away by Jesus, Himself. I believe… and it runs deep. I am not conflicted There.