Thoughts at Sunrise

I usually get up early… there is something incredible about the first hours in a day - before the world gets roaring on its way. This morning, the sky was awash with a rose colored hue, stretching from east to west. It was beautiful. Painted with colors only heaven owns, it made me stop in my tracks (while walking Tyler the Cocker Spaniel) and thank God for a new day. We only get so many of them.

This summer was our 10th year at SoulFest as coordinators of the cross ministry. Over that decade past, we have seen children grow into adults… adults push closer to senior years… and we have noted the passing of friends who now have a seat in heaven’s balcony. SoulFest happens once a year, so marking time on a “see you next year,” basis is only natural. What seems unnatural is the pace at which the years fly by. And, some day - they will run out.

When the end comes, will we have seen enough skies of rosey hue? Will we have listened often enough to nature’s sounds in the wee hours, before the bustle of traffic drowns out the crickets and birds? Will we have said the things we want to say to friends we love? I think i will take a moment now and do just that…

Amanda - you are the best wife any man ever had. I love you and I love being married to you.

Dan Russell - I am proud of you, my friend… you have endured and persevered and you have made a difference in many lives because of your life of true love.

Brett - You have become a wonderful human being.

Doug - You are a true friend to me…

Evangeline - I miss you so, but I’m grateful

Arti - you encourage all of us

CF - you are tireless in energy for the church…. Inspirational

Tom - it is all coming - wait for it...

True - you are as beautiful as the sunrise

Rory - you are a joy and you are loved. Keep making your mother smile

Mercedes - my high school, wonderfully sassy senior,  “Mer-sass” You are so obedient. Thank you so much

Lane - the world by the tail, you have it - and you will leave your mark on it

Mr. Kowalski -I love the way you love Jesus

Ash - so much of my day is spent in thoughts of you

Prudence - you look after me so well, my precious “Daddy’s girl”

Tom Howard - I miss you every day. Every single day...

Aaron - you are so wonderful to talk with - you have great gifts for the Kingdom

Papa Simmons - Thank you - for everything

Kenny - “He’s here!” I am so glad that you know

LifeHouse- I love you, church

Jesus - You are the way, the truth and the life.

The sun is up now. Another day… you only get so many of them. And, there are so many beautiful people to share them with. You may want to tell a few how you feel about them before this one is past.