Rory and the Bowling Pin

In my office, there on the window sill, sits a bowling pin. A what? A bowling pin. A duck pin to be exact. It’s very old… When I went off to college, just after the earth’s core cooled, (around 1976) a dear friend of mine gave me the bowling pin as a gift. It doesn’t seem like much - but it was meaningful. It sat on my dorm bookshelf for four years. It decorated my office at Songtime Radio for the next nearly twenty years, and now it has a place in my office window at LifeHouse. It has been there as long as I have… fifteen years.

Well, yesterday I nearly threw it away. It fell on baby Rory’s head. It could have killed him. It is weighty… and it fell from the window sill - a pretty fair height. It had been a beautiful morning. The weather was cooler, carrying hints of autumn. My wife and small children were with me at the office and Rory was taking a nap in his little bouncy seat right beneath the open window. A gust of wind happened to blow the blinds in, knocking the pin from it’s perch and sending it like a missile down, down, to where it bounced off of Rory’s four month old head.

He screamed. I jumped from my desk and ran to assess what happened. I had heard the sound of the pin hitting Rory and then the floor, but I had not seen it occur. While I tried to put together what had just occurred, Amanda scooped up the crying baby and held him close. He was hurt, there could be no doubt. A large lump on his head displayed the damage and the point of impact.

Flashers on, I drove at speeds of nearly one hundred miles per hour to the hospital. And there, while we waited for X-Rays to tell us if his skull was fractured, we prayed. As word got around, so did you. You prayed. The X-Rays proved negative - and after four hours of observation, they sent us home, none the worse for wear.

Relief was everywhere. We celebrated God’s goodness with a lobster dinner. An impromptu gathering  of friends and boiled sea creatures brought an end to a long day. I couldn’t help but think however, of the homes where the news was not good this day. Diagnoses came with bad reports.  X-Rays revealed breaks, or tumors. Please know that  you were not forgotten in our revelrie. We stand with you. We will celebrate life, but we will remember just how frail it is.

I was going to throw the bowling pin in the trash. But now, I think I will keep it. Whenever I look at it - I will remember yesterday. I will pray for Rory. And for you.