Love Song

Things were different fifty years ago. How many times have we heard that expression from a senior citizen? But, I am telling you again - because they were. Very different. We are a long way from that first Garden, and we drift further still with each passing year. Oh, I am under no illusion that there were no unsettling and invasive matters back then. I also recognize that many good things exist now that we knew nothing of in past decades. But, all in all, we are slipping. We are powerless to halt the fall. We are mere men and we cannot control our destiny. The One who has the authority to shape global systems, indeed, universal systems, has set things in motion and we are pulled along by force into a final act that surely will be played out.


Nostalgia… If you live in that cerebral district, you are likely unhappy with present circumstances. Some spend their time living on memories. For instance, classic rock was just, well, rock until my generation grew past it and began missing screaming guitar solos. Lost in a foreign sea of techno-beats, we longed for arena filling anthems, so we made a safe place on our radio dials  where we could always return. And, there we dwell. No thank you. The future does come spilling into the present like a mad rush of water - sweeping away all in its path. But, consider the source! It is poured out of heaven itself from the wells and springs where love abides.


Love never fails. It never changes. It is the One thing that will carry you from decade to decade and into eternity, for it is the very stuff that matters. When God chose to reveal Himself to us - He chose love as the method. The coming future is a love story. But, you must accept love on its own terms. Negotiations are meaningless. Love has made a way but it is narrow. Only a few find it. The rest of earth’s populace is left to spin the dial in hopes they will find something familiar to lean on. They will sing along in classic fashion until the final song is played - and that last hymn will begin with a resounding “Hallelujah!”  Its a love song through and through. Alpha to Omega... beginning to end.