Reflecting Light

The two great lights that rule the sky were fashioned by the Creator to impart a lesson. The sun rules the day with its golden glow illuminating all. The moon stands guard over the night hours, reflecting the sun and bringing light to the black sky. We are to understand that God is light, there is no darkness in Him at all. We however are surrounded by present darkness as this tired old earth greedily swallows up the light. If you want proof of this, simply turn on the evening news and see how many positive stories make the headlines. While He was with us here, Jesus told us that He is the Light of the World. He is the Source. Later He added a little nugget telling us that WE are the Light of the World; like the moon in the dark sky, reflectors of the Source.

It stands to reason, that the more light we reflect, the brighter the night around us. You can often see the reflection of the light of Jesus in a believer’s face. You can recognize a family resemblance. In contrast, you can notice darkness in a person’s countenance too. But, remember - there is no darkness in Father God at all. Not one bit. Different family altogether.

There is a choice we all must make. Light or darkness. God who is light, or self (which means a long walk on a dark road.) If self is your choice, then the original Selfish One moves in and teases you into believing that Love is a myth. He’ll try to convince you that right and wrong are the same… and that in the end, you are worthless. He is a dark entity, with a good pitch - having been cast out of heaven to the earth, where he now roams looking for an easy mark. His homeless condition is a consequence of his own choice of loyalty to self. He speaks the native language of a fallen planet. Satan brings darkness to the world. He is the opposite of the Light. He is the Prince of Darkness.

His language is lies, the dialect of darkness. He is fully aware that there is a Home to be found… he understands that there is a solid rock to rest upon. But, he is a wanderer, a homeless vagabond who pretends to be royalty. Those who believe his claim of inheritance wander themselves - away from Love.

I once was a wanderer too, looking and hoping that there was Light somewhere in the dark night. It came to me in the encouraging words of a brother.

He was a well known musician, having had both secular and sacred career success and I was his host for the day. He was in town to perform a concert later that night, but the afternoon hours were mine to fill. I took him to a bar that I frequented where the steak tips were out of this world. We talked for hours - and I peppered him with questions. He finally looked across the table and said, “Loren, I don’t have all the answers, but I do know this… I see Jesus in you.” No sweeter words could have come to my ears. I was reflecting the Light after all. From that day to this - it is all I have ever tried to do - reflect the glorious Light of Jesus to a dark world.

If Jesus is the life choice you make, your spirit will be sweet and overflowing no matter your situation. You will know the reality of True Love and it will carry you Home to a place where you are worth everything to your Father who dwells there in perfect Light.