Daddy... watch!

Many times during my day, my ears pick up a precious sound. The sound is that of my young children, busy accomplishing their feats of climbing, or swinging, or jumping, or dancing… whatever amazing thing they are presently involved in - it just doesn’t seem complete until they have my full attention. Thus, the sound in my ears is always, “Daddy, watch!” At the playground, I am routinely summoned by the sound, “Daddy, watch!” When a new ballet step is added to the dance in the living room, “Daddy, watch!” If a plastic baseball is going to be socked off the Tee, “Daddy, watch!”

“Daddy, watch” is something I live for. Those two words mean that I am the approval that my children seek. I am the one they want to please. I am the person who charts their progress in life. I am the covering that they live under, and the star for which they reach. I am Daddy and I am watching. That is all that matters.

I know there will come a day when the call to watch, will be not be for my ears. There will be a boyfriend who attends the dance recital and young ladies in the stands at baseball games. These will be the individuals whose attention is sought. My observing will be a cumbersome weight. My children will of course, appreciate my interest, but long gone will be the days of “Daddy, watch!” My admiration for their exploits will not fade - but my opportunity to be the one whose attention is so crucial will have passed by.

Yet, my job is far greater than just watching. It is also pointing, beyond my watch care to the Father whose attention I seek. He leans over heaven’s balcony and hears my voice as I breathe “Daddy, watch!” His pleasure is the covering I search for. So, I pray and point, and plead for the Soul Chaser to watch me as in turn, I watch these precious little children. Daddy, watch us all.

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