It was as impromptu as anything can be. On a lovely afternoon, with the late-October sky a fiery glow of orange, sharing it’s reflected radiance in splashes of light over the fallen leaves on our lawn, I was standing, sentry style at the door, a young son posted on my left and my right. We were waiting for “Mommy’s car” to pull in the driveway. Her “home from work” evening arrival was greatly anticipated by the three of us. It has always been met with much clamor and fanfare. This day was no different. Upon first sighting, we scrambled out to the driveway and practically pulled her from the driver’s seat.

Often, during these homecoming moments, Amanda will be finishing up a phone call or catching the last few minutes of a podcast. Our stumblebum approach to her driver side door is met, on those days with a finger pressed to her lips; giving us the clue to be quiet while she wraps up her business for the day. “SShhh,” she says as she catches my eye to drive the message home.

That’s not how it went on this day however. My wife took one look at us coming for the automobile and with a squeal that sounded a lot like “Catch me if you can!” she exited the car and dashed out into the yard.... a husband and two small boys close behind. We ran through the piles of leaves and across the green grass, giggling and gasping until Dad (that’s me) collapsed in a heap, from not-so feigned exhaustion. One by one, the other Deckers landed on top of me, causing an escape of a guffaw with every pounce upon my belly. I was laughing too hard to summon the strength to un-pile the squirming youngsters and their mom who laid across the entire moving mound of her boys hollering things like “Get the Dad! Get him good! Pig pile on dear old Dad!” It was hysterical.

But then came the moment that made it a memory. I was staring straight up into the evening sky under a pile of a loving family, when two year old Rory put his chubby face directly into my scope of vision. “OK, Da-da?” he asked. With the golden sky framing his beautiful face, a goofy smile lighting his lips the question may as well come from an angel.

He sends his angels to attend to our care; so says Psalm 91. He cares about you… Perhaps you are under a not-so-pleasant pile right now. Your laughter may be a cover up for some hidden pain. God always has someone in the Family who will check to make sure you’re okay. It may be a small angelic face of a two year old. Or, it may be an angel. One never knows for sure.