Red Sox Musings

I am celebrating this morning for I am a New Englander, thus I am a Red Sox fan. They have finished their record breaking season by steamrolling through the playoffs on their way to a world championship. They cruised through the Division Series and in doing so, neutralized the New York Yankees. Then they hung Houston out to dry to win the American League pennant. Now, they have dispatched the Dodgers of LA to win the World Series, and I am a happy camper.

I really like this team. Here’s why. Humility. Thinking of others first. This unselfish attitude was made evident right from the get-go in Spring training when relief pitcher Craig Kimbrell had to leave the team for an extended period to be with his family as his baby daughter went through open heart surgery. Upon his return, the entire team held hands in a circle and prayed together - not for a great season or personal accomplishments - but instead the team gathered as one to plead with heaven for the life of  a little girl.

Then there was the Mookie factor… after Game 2 of the World Series, he brought trays of hot meals to downtown Boston and shared a banquet with the homeless  people of the city… no media were called, no press release issued. Just a humble act of kindness recorded, not in the annals of baseball history or statistics, but written down in another Book for certain.

When manager Alex Cora held the championship trophy above his head after winning it all on Sunday night, he publicly requested that Sox ownership allow him to take the symbol of victory  to his rugged and rural roots back home in storm ravaged Puerto Rico.

I could go on, but after I watched the whining Dodgers, styling for the crowd on routine fly balls and then, not hustling on the basepaths when the hearts of so many of their fans were on the line, I knew in my heart - the best team had won. And won many other hearts in the process.