Perpetual Morning

Mornings are wonderful at my home these days… To begin, my Parkinson’s symptoms are minimal when I first awaken. I am nearly “normal,” as I amble about the kitchen or play with the boys. My doctor tells me that sleep is like medicine for Parkinson’s and that while you sleep, your brain “resets.” Whatever the reason, I feel much better in the morning than at any time during the day. I can almost forget… almost.

My children are at various states in their lives, and morning tells the story of where they are each stationed in their journey.. Some head out for school, some for work. The older ones have their own vehicles while the younger ones need a ride. Some are still so young that they just stay at home. Grabbing backpacks or lunch boxes along with a fresh cup of coffee for the road - it all has a rhythm and I know the song well. Add some fried eggs and a bowl or two of Rice Krispies and the music is in full swing. Plans for the day, recollections from yesterday - snatches of conversations will produce a laugh or perhaps a groan, mixed in with pleas for juice or more cereal from the toddlers.

My wife usually starts the morning with her Bible open in her favorite seat on the sectional. She often reads me a verse or two from her devotional discoveries as I keep the toast coming. From her place on the couch she watches her family scurry and hurry, smiling as she takes be it all in. “We are so blessed,” she will often say. Indeed we are.

We are told that in heaven there is no night.  That must mean it’s always morning there - and that is okay with me. Mornings have a rhythm. They are a new start. Another chance to dance the dance that will carry you through the day. We are so blessed, indeed for God has given us the Day. In His book, He calls us “Children of the Day,” and I well know what that means. We may need a ride or another bowl of Cheerios (because children need those kinds of things in the morning.) It also means that Night is over, and with it has gone the missteps and mistakes of yesterday. Light has come to stay. Sing it!