The Whole Cake

We are watching our weight here at the Decker home… albeit in different fashion. Amanda watches hers go down. I watch mine going up. Our Cocker Spaniel, Tyler, apparently is unconcerned with the whole process of counting calories. I’ll explain.

Our daughter, Prudence just turned ten years old. She celebrated twice with a party on Saturday at home and a second surprise celebration after church on Sunday. Two parties. Two cakes. Too many calories for the dieting Decker family. We tackled the cakes with sincere effort, but in the end, there proved to be too much buttercream for us to digest. Into the trash went cake number two…

Enter Tyler. He apparently prowled around the kitchen some time in the middle of the night. While we slept, he looked for a snack. With one push, the trash can went over and its spilled contents revealed the second cake… or the remaining two thirds that went into the garbage. Paydirt for a dog. Tyler celebrated Prudence’s party in belated fashion - a solitary canine tribute to the birthday girl. He ate the evidence completely. The entire cake. Not a crumb remained. And in the morning?

My normally prancing, dancing dog just laid on the couch, logy and no doubt nursing a tummy ache. “Was it worth it?” I asked. His eyes seemed repentant but his thumping tail showed little remorse. He had enjoyed that cake and he was living off the memories in the morning.

He and I are going for a walk later to work off some calories. It’ll do us both some good. We like cake, we do… and we can’t hide that evidence. It comes off slowly… but oh! How quickly it goes on. Two cakes, too many calories, one night and one dog later - nothing but exercise to show for it.